‘Hard to be a God’ roundtable on The Quarterly Conversation

Last summer I had the pleasure of engaging in an online roundtable discussion with some fantastic writers – Jeffrey Zuckerman (also a successful translator, and online editor at Music & Literature), Scott Esposito (The Surrender, The End of Oulipo) Jeva Lange (TheWeek, Electric Literature), and Janice Lee (The Sky Isn’t Blue, Entropy, Civil Coping Mechanisms). The discussion arose, as many things seem to nowadays, from a series of Tweets about a Russian film called Hard to be a God. You can read our conversation here.

Interview with Alexander Beecroft for Asymptote

After a bit of a delay, my interview with University of South Carolina Associate Professor of Classics and Comparative Literature, Alexander Beecroft, is up on the Asymptote blog. We discussed Beecroft’s hefty analysis of the geographical and socio-political influences on spoken and written languages, traversing both time and the globe. His book is available from Verso, perhaps one of my favorite publishing houses, and certainly worth checking out for those interested in the development of language and literature beyond those found in the West. For a summary, read my interview here.

Tahar Ben Jelloun’s ‘The Happy Marriage’ review for Asymptote

This is my first published piece for Asymptote, and it was a great privilege to work with the journal’s criticism editor (and both a colleague and friend of mine), Ellen Jones. I enjoyed unravelling the web of misleading mistruths in Ben Jelloun’s novel, which tackles the issues raised by gender imbalance in marriage, particularly within Muslim communities. You can read my review here.

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