London Book Fair 2015: Day 1


Great news! Last night, Asymptote was honoured with the London Book Fair’s 2015 International Literary Translation Initiative Award. We are all appropriately thrilled to be recognised for the strength of our work in literary translation.

I also had the opportunity to finally meet my Editor-in-Chief, Lee Yew Leong, in addition to colleagues Ellen Jones (criticism editor), Aamer Hussein (contributing editor), Vivian Chih (Taiwan E-a-L), Mui Poopoksakul (Thai E-a-L), and Sohini Basak (social media manager). As the staff of Asymptote are spread so widely, it’s not often we get the chance to socialise, so it was really excellent to have some time to talk in person.


As for the book fair, I attended a general publishing seminar, followed by a panel on translating children’s fiction, which included Asymptote contributor’s Daniel Hahn and Deborah Smith, in addition to Syrian writer and artist Nadine Kadaan, and Ruth Ahmedzai Kemp, who translates from Arabic to English in addition to writing. This panel, hosted by ‘Outside in World,’ was very interesting, as despite my lack of knowledge of children’s literature, the discussion centred around diversity, accessibility and inclusivity, which I believe to be extremely important for publishing in general.

I’m back on Thursday for a day full of translation panels, specifically involving this year’s Market Focus, which is Mexico. Very excited!


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