‘The Game for Real’ review in the Times Literary Supplement

I’m incredibly proud to have my print debut in this week’s TLS. Short but sweet, and a milestone for me. It was an honor to review Weiner’s book, which is published by the excellent Two Lines Press and available now! Obviously I suggest you go out and buy a copy of the TLS to read all the other excellent writing featured, but here’s a screencap for those unable to who would still like to read my piece.



3 thoughts on “‘The Game for Real’ review in the Times Literary Supplement

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  1. Congrats on the publication! How did you get introduced to Weiner’s work? I just recently heard of him. Any suggestions for a starting point?

    1. Hello and thank you! I was sent the book by a friend who works at Two Lines Press, I hadn’t heard of him before then. Sadly I don’t read Czech, so I will have to hope for more english translations to read anything else, as this is his only work in English so far. I would love to read his short stories, written during his ‘war years’ before he was discharged. There’s some good information here: http://www.radio.cz/en/section/books/richard-weiner-a-european-mind

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